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Custom Elements (1-7)


 Advanced Image

 Blog Post

 Content Box



 Flip Card

Custom Elements (8-14)

 Google Map


 Icon Box

 Icon Text

 Logo Carousel

 Pie Chart

 Progress Bar

Custom Elements (15-21)

 Rollover Panel

 Zoom Box

 Pricing Table


 MailChimp Collector

 Minimal Form

 Morphing Button

Some Standard Elements

 Image Gallery



 Pageable Container

 Post Grid

 Media Grid


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Neue Creative is located at 2500 Summer Street, #3118 in Houston, TX 77007. To contact us please visit our Contact Page and use the form provided.

Neue Services

Neue Creative provides a variety of branding and marketing services that are all designed to help you communicate your story to your customers.

- Web Design and Development
- Graphic Design
- Branding design and development
- Advertising
- Brand Ambassadors
- Event creation
- Public Relations
- Environmental Design
- Social Media Marketing
- Copy Writing